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Welcome to All About Fertility’s support forum for women. We know that it is of great value to talk to other women who are going through the same journey as you. In this forum, you can talk to other women online about everything related to fertility and infertility, and you are free to start any conversation you like.  

A safe and kind online support group

The support group is a safe and kind place where you can share your potential concerns, questions and feelings with other women. It is, of course, free for you to join and you can stay completely anonymous. We know that It can be hard to open up to family and friends about infertility and fertility problems. In this group, you do not need to worry. You can speak informally about what you want to whoever you want.  

Join the female fertility forum today

We encourage you to join the forum today. Maybe you want to start a conversation or maybe you just want to read the discussions? It is completely up to you. Just remember, if you want to add a topic or write a reply, you must sign in first. Of course with a user name of your own choice. Please, remember to read the forum guidelines before posting. You will find the guidelines once you are logged in to the female forum. Once again, welcome and thank you for being here with us!
Female forum
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