The emotional side of female infertility

The emotional effects of infertility – Articles for women
1 in 10 people experience problems conceiving at some point in their life. Many of those will experience stress and emotional effects. Maybe you are uncertain if the project will succeed, maybe you blame yourself or maybe you are just sad that you could not conceive naturally. These emotions are very common, and you are not alone. Here on All About Fertility, we provide you with articles that help you handle the difficult emotional aspect of experiencing infertility.
Fertility problems and relationship challenges
Couples who experience problems conceiving may face relationship challenges. Things are not going as planned, and both of you might be stressed by the situation you face. However, you can also turn your journey into something that can strengthen your relationship. In this section about the emotional aspect of fertility challenges, we provide you with articles that guide you through stress and emotions, supports you in strengthening the relationship with your partner, considerations if you want to try counselling to deal with infertility and much more.
Supporting your partner through fertility treatment
If your partner has low sperm quality or deals with another male infertility issue, you may feel lost in how to support your partner. It is often more difficult for men than women to address emotions and feelings. Maybe he ignores the problems or maybe he seems depressed. This does not make his feelings less real. Here you can read articles written by experts who help couples overcome infertility issues. You get thorough explanations of different ways that men may react and show his emotions together with concrete tips on how to support your male partner if you go through fertility problems.