Testing and treatment for women

Testing female fertility
For most women, it takes several months to become pregnant. That is completely normal. However, if you are younger than 35 and you have tried to have a baby with your partner for a year, you should seek help. Basic fertility testing at a fertility clinic is one of the first steps to know if you need treatment to become pregnant. Fertility testing involves a consultation with a fertility doctor. The doctor will typically ask you about your menstrual cycle, previous sexually transmitted diseases, genetic information and your lifestyle. To get prepared for your first consultation at the fertility clinic, you can read the articles here to be well prepared.
Common fertility issues for women
At All About Fertility, you can find articles written by fertility experts that explain the different types of fertility issues that women experience. For example, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) which is a very common problem for women. PCOS is characterized by problems with hormone levels.

In this section, you can also find articles about the less common genetic condition Turner Syndrome, and how medical treatment can affect your ability to have children. Besides from in-dept explanations of fertility problems, you will find guides on what to expect at the fertility clinic if you are going to have a basic check. Many women are nervous about this type of consultation, but if you have the basic knowledge of what will happen, you might be able to feel more relaxed.
Treatment of female fertility problems
Many people face fertility problems and fear not being able to create the family they wish to. Luckily, there exist many great treatment methods to help you have a child depending on the issues you face. On this page, you can read about the different fertility treatment methods that exist. For example, you can read about IVF and ICSI treatment, IUI with donor sperm, surrogacy, adoption and much more.