Get insights into fertility and the causes of infertility

All About fertility will provide you with articles, webinars and videos created by experts within fertility, like doctors, scientists and consultants. We will constantly publish new and significant content from within the fertility field.

Besides all our articles, we have also made a Support Forum. The Support Forum is for all men, who have questions about or experienced infertility and would like to have anonymous discussions with other men in the same situation. Here is a safe environment in where you can talk about your situation, share your concerns and help other men struggling with the same issues. Later one we will also add a Support Forum for women.

In the Forums there will also be fertility debates and questions from our experts within this field. Our goal with this is to create a network for men & women with fertility questions and issues. We also want to create a non-commercial space with free anonymous access for all who wish to network, receive help and give support to like-minded people. Feel free to join the Support Forum today.

The articles that you will find on our website is about what causes infertility, symptoms, treatment options and tests, what to avoid and how to deal with male & female infertility. All the articles are written by experts within fertility like doctors, scientists and consultants. All articles are reviewed before publishing to ensure accuracy and high-quality content. This website is non-commercial and there will not be published advertorials or other types of paid content or advertising.

Some of the subjects we will cover include;

  • What is fertility and major causes of infertility
  • Description of different disorders
  • Testing & treatment – learn more about IVF, IUI & ICI, medical treatments, what happens at the fertility clinic and what tests that are available
  • Fertility preservation in case of diseases like cancer
  • The emotional side – how to deal with your situation and learn more about the unanticipated consequences, relationship challenges and how to open up to your partner about your situation
  • Donor sperm & eggs – how to choose a donor, what are the options, the donor’s perspective and long-term storage of sperm
  • After treatment – help and inspiration, parenting issues, adoption options, childbirth and older parenthood, pregnancy loss and life after infertility

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We’re creating this website to help men with infertility issues and gain more knowledge about the subject.
Kevin McEleny and Eleanor Stevenson