After fertility treatment for women

Life after fertility treatment
Many people who go through fertility treatment face emotional problems. This applies if the treatment has ended with pregnancy or if the treatment has not given the desired result. Here on All About Fertility, we have created a section with articles written for women about life after fertility treatment. Some of the topics you can learn about are risks of fertility treatment such as IVF, miscarriage, parenting and accepting life without kids.
Pregnancy and parenting after fertility treatment
People who have dealt with infertility have often spent years looking forward to parenthood. They might also have very high expectations for themselves and their relationship with their baby. However, both pregnancy and parenthood can be very challenging, and might not turn out the way the parents expected. If you have gone through infertility treatment, you can find useful articles here. They will guide you through pregnancy and parenting after fertility treatment.
Coping with infertility
If you have tried all options and it did not work, you might find yourself in a place where you need to find out how to cope with infertility. Some people choose to stop after a few treatments and others go on for many years and try every possibility. No matter where you are in life, it is important to get back on track again, even though it is hard. Saying goodbye to parenthood is not easy. However, life can still bring joys and experiences without children. Here you can find articles that help you to cope with infertility and accept not having a baby.