The emotional side of male infertility

The emotional effects on men who experience fertility problems
There is a lot of evidence that it is stressful to experience fertility problems and not being able to start the family you wish for. There is a lot of information about women and how they can cope with fertility issues, but there is a lack of information for men who go through a period of infertility. There is no doubt that men also experience the emotional effects of infertility but generally, men may avoid talking about the subject to others.
Talking to others about male infertility
Here on All About Fertility, we have created a whole section with articles that focus on the male aspect of emotions going through infertility. We also provide an anonymous support group where men can speak to each other about their experiences, feelings and problems. Our experts suggest that talking to others is one of the positive steps towards dealing with the stress that infertility can cause on a man.
Tips to support your female partner through infertility
Infertility can be hard on a relationship because it causes a lot of stress for both the man and the woman. One of the concerns that some men express is the lack of knowledge on how to support their girlfriend through the difficult times. On All About Fertility, you will find articles that provide you with tips on how to support your partner and strengthen your relationship despite having fertility issues. You will also find articles on how counselling may help you and your partner and articles that explains and demystifies some of the common challenges that couples experience during fertility treatment.