Fertility treatment with donor sperm

Using donor sperm and donor eggs for fertility treatment
If you and your partner have troubles conceiving, using a donor is one of the options to have a child. Your fertility doctor knows if this is the right option for you. Using a donor to create a family is a big decision that entails many considerations. On All About Fertility, you can find articles that explain many topics related to donation. For example, articles about choosing between an open donor (ID Release Sperm or Egg Donor) or a closed donor (Non-ID Release Sperm or Egg Donor), how donor children who are adults today have experienced being donor-conceived, and why men choose to become sperm donors.
Male infertility and using a sperm donor
This section on All About Fertility about donor sperm and donor eggs is specially made for men. Using a sperm donor and giving up the wish to become the biological father of your child can be difficult. Through the articles about male infertility and donor sperm, we hope that you will get a little more insight into the option and feel more comfortable in your decision. Many other men go through the same as you and therefore, we also encourage you to join our male infertility support group to talk to others who are going through the same as you.
Things to consider before using donor sperm or donor eggs
There is a list of things to consider before choosing the option to use donor gametes. First of all, there is the emotional perspective. Where using an egg donor may be most difficult for the women, using a sperm donor may be most difficult for the man. It is of course not always like that. Besides the emotional aspect, there are also practical concerns before using a donor. For example how much information you want about your donor, if your child should be able to contact the donor, and if and how you will talk to your future child about being a donor child. Browse through the articles here and find out everything you need to know about donor sperm and donor eggs.