After fertility treatment for men

After fertility treatment – Articles for men
In this section on All About Fertility, you can find relevant articles if you have gone, or are going through, fertility treatment. The articles are written by experts and they deal with topics such as pregnancy, parenting, experiencing miscarriage after fertility treatment, and what to do if fertility treatment did not work for you. The articles on this page are especially relevant for the male partner. Often we tend to focus on the women but it is just as important to focus on the man and his feelings during and after fertility treatment.
Miscarriage after fertility treatment
Miscarriage can happen to everybody, and it is actually very common to experience. Up to 15 % of all pregnancies end in a miscarriage. If you have had fertility treatment before a miscarriage, it can be extra hard because you may already have gone through a period of stress and uncertainty. Here you will find articles that help you cope with pregnancy loss – for example through concrete tips for the male and the female partner.
Life when the treatment did not work
During treatment, you are told to stay positive and hope for the best. However, for some people, fertility treatment will not work, and you might face the decision to continue or stop treatment. Stopping fertility treatment is a very hard decision. In this section, you will find articles that help you make the decision that is right for you and your family. If you decide to stop treatment life can still bring you lots of joy for example through travelling, work-life and friends. Read more about that here.