What is female fertility

What is female fertility?
In this section, you will find articles written by fertility experts about everything you need to know about female fertility. The articles contains guides to understand the menstrual cycle and when ovulation occurs, how women’s reproductive anatomy works, what you should be aware of to preserve your ability to have children when you wish to, and basic information about female hormones. Everything gathered in one place.
What affects female fertility?
Most women know that female fertility and age are related. But do you know when you should begin to think about children if you don’t want to experience age-related problems? And do you know at what age it is just too late to have children? Here, you will find articles that explain when and why age is a factor for women’s egg quality. You will also find useful articles about the (lifestyle) factors that affect female fertility. It is important to think about these factors early in life because for example unprotected sex and STD’s can affect your fertility later in life.
How to increase female fertility
There are certain things you can do as a woman to improve your fertility and create the best odds of having a healthy child without treatment. On All About Fertility, experts have gathered tips on how you can improve your chances of natural conception. The experts also bust some of the myths that exist. For example, that stress can cause female infertility, which research does not support.