Fertility treatment with donor eggs

Donor sperm and donor eggs
If you and your partner have fertility problems, using donor sperm or donor eggs is one of the treatment methods. In some countries, you can also get a double donation. This means that you use both donor eggs and sperm to conceive. To most people, it is not their first choice, however, if you have tried other methods that did not work for you, using a donor is a very good option to give birth to your own child. In this section on All About Fertility, you will find articles that provide you knowledge about what to consider, if you are thinking about using a sperm or egg donor to conceive.
Using an egg donor due to female infertility
If the problem is female related infertility, using an egg donor may be the right option for you. It can be hard to accept to give up the possibility to share genes with your child. In our support group for women, you can talk anonymously with other women who are going through the same as you. Infertility in women is common, but not very much spoken about. One of All About Fertility’s goals is to spread awareness and help to start conversations between women going through fertility issues.
What to know when choosing donor eggs to conceive
If you have decided to use donor eggs to have a child, there are some considerations to make. One of the things you should consider is whether you want an open donor (ID Release Sperm or Egg Donor) or closed donor (Non-ID Release Sperm or Egg Donor). This means if you wish that your child should have the possibility to contact the donor at some point in life. In the article about ID Release Donors and Non-ID Release Donors written by fertility expert Lucy Frith, you get an explanation of the different options and things to consider when you choose an egg donor.