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Fertility tests for men  



I was wondering what test a man would undergo to test his fertility? Is it always a sperm test? Or are there other possible tests that are more important in the early stages?

Posted : 14/02/2020 11:34 am

I think in the early stages semen analysis is the most useful test as if it shows no problems, that is quite reassuring 

Posted : 14/02/2020 11:40 am

Thanks for your answer @geordie. Can I be tested at my doctor or is it not a normal test? 😩 


Posted : 14/02/2020 12:01 pm

I have also been thinking about being tested, since me and my wife have not yet been able to get pregnant. I'm just really worried about what to do if the test shows that I'm the problem, I mean, what then ? 😥 

Posted : 18/02/2020 8:34 am

Your GP can arrange it & it’s important as you need to know where you stand. If there’s a problem at least you will know & your doctor can send you to see a specialist? 

Posted : 18/02/2020 1:40 pm