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Egg retrieval



My husband and I are considering IVF treatment but I am very nervous about the egg retrieval procedure. Is it painfull during? or after? And has anyone experienced any "side effects"/issues afterwards? 

Topic starter Posted : 09/11/2020 12:37 pm
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Hi Hope

I haven't tried it myself but my best friend just went through it and is now pregnant. Yay! 👏🏻 She says that it was not a nice or fun experience, but that the actual procedure took less time than expected. As far as I know, she hasn't experienced any serious side effects – besides being a bit moody because of the hormone injections. 

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Posted : 12/11/2020 12:22 pm
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I’ve done one egg retrieval and I’m  about to start another round of IVF. The subcutaneous injections (given in a fatty area of the body, usually the stomach) to make your body produce more eggs, aren’t terrible. The actual procedure wasn’t bad because It was done under anesthesia.  It takes about 30min, depending on how many eggs you have.  I didn’t have any pain afterwards, although I did feel “full”  in my lower abdomen.  I was instructed to take 2 days off from work to rest and avoid heavy lifting.  The ovaries are enlarged after the simulation drugs and the causes an increased risk of them twisting, which is a very serious condition.  Mentally and emotionally, it was exhausting. The worrying about how many follicles that growing and then after the retrieval how many embryos are growing is what I would say is the worst part.  Good luck with everything

Posted : 24/08/2021 3:13 pm