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How many months did you try before getting pregnant?



I am curious to know how fast you got pregnant? After how many months of trying and with our without fertility treatment? My husband and I have tried for almost 6 months and are getting a little impatient🙈👶🏼

Topic starter Posted : 04/11/2020 12:51 pm
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I am curious about this too so I am following the topic...

Posted : 12/11/2020 12:08 pm
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I have tried for almost a year to become pregnant (single mother by choice to be - through fertility treatment). It's very frustrating, but I'm trying to keep my head high and hope for the best! I'm sure it will happen for you too. It's easier said than done, but try relaxing and taking your mind off your attempts at a pregnancy as much as possible. Distract yourself with calming and fun activies to occupy your thoughts. Fingers crossed for you and your husband!

Posted : 18/03/2021 2:21 pm